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NFL Season Predictions!

The wait is over. The NFL Football Season is here!

With that, I present my predictions.

AFC East 1-Patriots 2-Jets 3-Bills 4-Dolphins AFC North 1-Bengals 2-Steelers (WC) 3-Ravens 4-Browns AFC South 1-Colts 2-Texans 3-Jaguars 4-Titans AFC West 1-Chiefs 2-Raiders (WC) 3-Broncos 4-Chargers NFC East 1-Redskins 2-Cowboys 3-Giants 4-Eagles NFC North 1-Packers 2-Vikings 3-Bears 4-Lions NFC South 1-Panthers 2-Buccaneers (WC) 3-Saints 4-Falcons NFC West 1-Cardinals 2-Seahawks (WC) 3-Rams 4-Niners AFC Playoffs Raiders over Colts Steelers over Chiefs Steelers over Bengals Patriots over Raiders Patriots over Steelers NFC Playoffs Panthers over Buccaneers Seahawks over Redskins Cardinals over Seahawks Packers over Panthers Cardinals over Packers Super Bowl Patriots over Cardinals

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